Sending Your Child to Preschool: Common Concerns

Sending Your Child to Preschool: Common Concerns

Maple Lawn Montessori of Manassas Park often encounters concerned parents who worry about their children, especially when it’s time for them to embark on a new journey called preschool. Good thing our teachers and other school staff are prepared for this.

Our Manassas Park daycare sheds light on these common concerns and how you can address them. Take a look:

  • They’ll be scared. It’ll be normal for your little loved one to be scared on their first few days in their Montessori Preschool in Virginia, but you can lessen that fear by showing them that you have confidence in them.
  • They won’t eat lunch. Unfortunately, this will happen during their adjustment phase. They are more likely to put socialization overeating lunch, and they won’t be used to a shorter time allotment for meals. The best thing to do here is to pack their favorite foods.
  • They’ll miss you. This will be hard to hear, but you’re probably going to miss them a lot more than they’re going to miss you. They will have a lot of school activities to even have time to think about you. The school day will have ended by the time they start missing mommy and daddy.

What if they get lost? A school is a new place, and this can be intimidating to think about for both the parent and child. Rest easy though, your little treasure won’t be left to navigate the halls of their Montessori School in Manassas Park, Virginia by themselves.

One last tip, you won’t be the only parent who will worry. Get support from other parents too.

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