Keep Your Children Safe as Schools Reopen

Keep Your Children Safe as Schools Reopen

Based on current research, most children don’t appear to be at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. While there are cases among children and infants, adults and the elderly make up the majority.

However, Maple Lawn Montessori of Manassas Park does not take any chances. We want all our students here in our Manassas Park daycare to be safe from this health crisis as we begin to re-open our doors to the world.

We have strict precautionary measures that will be followed by every single one of our staff at all times. But this won’t be enough. We will still need your help as parents to ensure the safety of your child and their classmates in this Montessori preschool in Virginia.

Prevention is always better than cure, so we share some tips that you can use to keep kids protected:

  • Teach and reinforce sanitary practices. It’s natural for kids to slack off on tasks they find boring. But some “boring” tasks—such as washing their hands or covering their nose and mouth when they sneeze or cough—can potentially save not only their lives but others, too.
  • Make healthy meals fun by experimenting on different kid-friendly recipes. Also, try including your child in the meal preparation process.
  • If your child is responsible enough, let them bring small bottles of hand sanitizer and wet wipes in their bags.
  • Explain to them the importance of wearing their face masks at all times.

You may experience some push-back from your kid, but that’s normal. Don’t worry! The teachers in our Montessori School in Manassas Park, Virginia will help you out.

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